Life is chaotic...

Whether it is drama, social media, parties, 10-hour work days,
stressful family reunions, your kids, studying for a large test, or even just taking a walk,
there are many things that happen to cause stress and cloud your mind.
Many times, people are so caught up on life they miss the important things.
Sometimes you just have to self-reflect or relax,
and here are some easy ways to give yourself that needed boost of energy to finish the day.

1. Take Deep Breaths

Lots of times when feeling stressed, you stop thinking clearly.
Giving air to the brain helps you find solutions and control your emotions.
Just breathe in,
Wait 2 seconds,
Breathe out.
Restore your energy
For better things to come.

2. Write down your thoughts

Angry, sad, exhausted?
Take out a piece of paper, write down your thoughts.
Then RIP IT,
Destroying those bad thoughts clears your brain for better ones.

3. Connect to Nature

If you have a chance, go outside.
Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds, feel the wind.
If you have nowhere to go.
Go look for some pictures on the internet.
Watch some animal videos.
Enjoy the world around you,
the trees,
the creatures,
Enjoy the life that is around you.

4. Do things that you like

After work, you can get bored.
Do things that you like to do, as long as they are not stressful.
Draw a picture.
Listen to music you love.
Start a fun project to distract you.
Play a fun game or sport.
Focus on the things you like, it helps you be happy.
After all,
Life should be fun :)

Here's some relaxing music to listen to:

Relaxing Music 10 Hours
Relaxing Music 8 Hours