How to tie your shoes in 3 easy methods

There are many ways to tie your shoes. Some ways might be easier than others. Even if you are trying to teach a kid how to tie your shoes, or looking for a new technique, all you need is patience and your favorie pair of shoes. Some techniques are the standard knot, bunny ears, circle method, or lan knot. I will be teaching you all of those techniques .

Technicque 1: Basic Knot

Step1: place your shoes on a flat surface this lets the laces fall to either side of the shoes. Step 2: Take both laces and thread one of the laces over the other and pull them tightly. They should for a knot in the middle of the shoe. Step 3:Make a loop with one of the laces. Hold the laces bewtween your thumb and yout first two fingers. Step 4: Use the other hand to wrap the other lace around the loop. You should be holding it over your fingers and around the loop. Then, wrap the other lace toward you. Step 5: Pull the show lace through the hole to form another loop. Use your free hand to pull the shoelace through. Now there should be a hole between the looped shoelace and the wrapped shoelace. Pull the wrapped shoelace through so it goes through the hole. Final Step: Hold both loops and pull them tight.

Technique 2 :Bunny ear technique

Step 1: Place the shoe on a flat surface. Step 2: Tie a baic not. Take both laces and thread one of the laces over the other and then pull them tightly, This should form a knot in the middle of the shoes. Step3: Make a bunny ear loop wth one of the laces> YOu should be holding the lace between your thumb and your first two fingers. The loop should be small and the "tail" should be long. Step4: make a bunny ear loop with the other lace. Hold the lace bewteen your thumb and first two fingers Make the "tail" long and the loop small. Step 5: Tie a baic knot with the"bunny ear" loops. Plsce one loop over the other, then tuck it behind the other and thread it through the hole that is created. Step 6: Pull the"bunny ear" loops.

Technique 3: Circle technique

Step 1:Place the shoes on a flat surface> Step2: Tie a basic knot> Take both laces and threas one lace over the other and pull them tighttly. It should form a knot in the middle of the shoe. Step 3: Tie another knot, but don't tighten it. Keep the second knot loose. There wll be a circle shape formed by the knot. Hold the circle hsape with yout hand and lay it flat against the shoe Step4: Thread one shoelace into the circle> Make sure it comes up through the circle and over to one side> YOu can keep it loose, but make sure it does not slide all the way out of the circle. Step 5: Thread the other shoelace into the circle> It should come up through the circle and over to the other side of the shoe. You should now have two loops on either side of the knot. Step 6: Pul the loops tight>.