Justen's Webpage Banner

This thing above this text is a banner which is an image.

This is a header in a div element

You can click CTRL+U to see the code.

This is my title made as size 1 font its also centered and white with background color black :D

This website is made so Justen Can view code that he might need.

This is some texts in a paragraph with white highlight or in the code its called mark.

This is a pargraph with size 2 font

This is a pargraph with size 3 font

This is a pargraph with size 4 font

This is a pargraph with size 5 font

This is a pargraph with size 6 font

    Commands for lists are.
  1. ol and /ol are used for ordered list which makes a list with number in frount of them.


This is a picture of me in roblox

Hello this is a link with size 2 font.

This is the link to the website where i could copy and paste a game into my website.

Noob Squad

Above this is an image which is a link.

Hello this is a Table header in a table row. This is a table. This is a table header.
This is table data. This is also table data.
TD =table dataTHis is also table data.
TR =table rowTHis is also table data.
TH =table headerTHis is also table data.

This is what you need to start a website you just need to add < and > to each side