Tennis Rules

In tennis there are two types of ways you can play.
There is singles play and double play.
To learn the rules of either please visit that section.

Singles Play

In Singles there is only one person on each side. When you serve you have to hit the ball in the service box that is located by the net.When you serve you have to stand behined the back line and hit the ball out of the air. You get two serves but if your foot crosses the back line you automatically miss that serve. If you hit the ball in the net you loose the point. If you hit the ball in the the alley or behind the back line it is out and you loose the piont.To keep score you go 15 then 30 then 40.If you guys split points it can go to 15 all, 30 all, and 40 all. If it is 40 all you play adds witch means if your serving you are add in and if you returning you are add out. When two points in a row at 40 all you win the game. Win 6 games you win a set. When another 6 games you win the match and go on to next round. You switch sides with you opponent every odd number of the set. Those are the basic rules of Singles.

Doubles Play

In doubles, you and a partner play against a team of two players on the other side of the net, using the full court between the baselines and the doubles sidelines.In doubles at the beginning of the match you and your partner decide witch player is on forhand side and backhand side.You can not switch to backhand or forhand in the middle of the match.The only way the player switches sides is if the are seving because you have to serve on both sides.If you are serving first usally the server serves behined the back line and the other player is at the net. If a player doesn't want to be at the net they can stand back at the baseline if the would like to. The also applies if you are returning. It is also the same scoring as singles and still switch sides on odd numbers. The only diffrence in scoring is some places make you play a 8 game pro set and some places make you do two out of three sets to six. Those are the basic rules of doubles.

Sportman Ship Rules

If you are the server, clearly call out the score before the point starts.Wait to serve until your opponent is ready. Alot of people want to rush there opponent but that is very disrespectful. Respect players on other courts. This means if your winning or loosing don't be a distration.Give your best effort no matter the score.Congratulate your opponent's good shots. You might not want to but it shows that you have respect for the other player.Keep your racquet in your hand and avoid dropping or throwing it. If you throw your racquet you can loose points or even games. Finally, win or loose at the end of the match congratulate your opponent and clap rackets with them. Those are the important sportman ship rules that you should follow every time you step on the court.