How To Play Basketball

Basketball is a professional sport played by players who can score the ball into a hoop. It's not a popular sport like soccer, but many contries do play this sport. The olympics also do this sport.


1. Both teams will compete in a basketball court

2. Both the teams will send out their tallest players to compete in a tip-off (This person is the center)

3. Once one of the team wins the tip-off, they compete

4. The team with the ball has to try and score, but the opposing team has to stop them from scoring

How To Shoot The Ball


You have to lift the ball above your head with your dominant hand's palm (the other and holding it steady) then aim it with your middle and index finger and catapult it to the hoop

Fouls & Turnovers


A shooting foul is a when someone comes in contact while a player is shooting the ball

A turnover is when you pass the ball to someone not on your team, walk out of bounds. or pretty much any bad play

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